Senior Aerospace BWT

World leader in lightweight air distribution ducting systems

Senior Aerospace BWT is recognised as a world leader in the design and manufacture of lightweight low pressure air distribution ducting systems and has established a position of preferred supplier to the aerospace industry worldwide across all market sectors.

The Company is part of Senior PLC ( and its outstanding design and manufacturing expertise complement the activities of the other group companies. An International manufacturing group with over 7000 employees and operations in 14 countries, Senior plc is the world’s leading supplier of thin-walled flexible tubing and related high performance products across a number of specialised markets.

A comprehensive range of lightweight thermo-plastic and flexible products enables Senior Aerospace BWT to provide integrated system solutions both modular and aircraft specific, which optimise weight, cost, installation time and effective use of the space envelope.

Innovative lightweight, cost effective solutions for complex design requirements

Our customer base includes some of the most dynamic and forward thinking companies in the industry

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